Kronos Performance now carries new Cobalt SS/TC line of TurboXS Products!

Thats right, Kronos Performance now carries parts for your 2008-2010 Cobalt SS Turbocharged from TurboXS. These parts include their new Cat-Back Setup, Downpipe (Catless or Catted), Intercooler Core, Intercooler Piping and Intake! All products at reasonable prices and the Cat-Back and Downpipe can be purchased as a full turboback setup with your choice of it being catted or catless as well.

Product Page: TurboXS Cat-Less Downpipe & TurboXS Catted Downpipe

Designing a downpipe is usually a simple feat right, no. It's pretty easy to make a make a pipe look like a factory piece. The difficult part is making a pipe with a cat inside to make very close to catless power. Our downpipe was able to extract the optimal amount of flow out of the downpipe with a cat in place. This was done with strategic placement of metal matrix catalytic converter and 3 inch T304 Stainless piping. By playing with the cell count of the cat and the placement we were able to achieve a part that does not trigger a cel and supports high power levels.

For those who are not concerned with running a cat's at all. We do offer a completely catless version which doesn't trigger a cel either. We have the option for your power needs!

Product Pages: TurboXS Cat-Back Exhaust

TurboXS Cat-Less Turboback System

TurboXS Catted Turboback

When designing a catback you have to have foresight. In this particular situation we needed to think about what would a customer want to do with this car and how would that translate to making a proper fitting exhaust. The first thing was it has to be T304 Stainless 3 inch diameter mandrel bent piping which was a no brainer. Second was to get the exhaust note to a tone that is acceptable without sacrificing the performance of the car. We played with multiple muffler designs, some longer some shorter. We settled on the current size and outer diameter that would equal superb sound quality and incredible performance. The final step was to finish the exhaust with a tip that fits the rear fascia and suits all the lines, a 3.5 inch slash cut tip fit with perfection. So we "thought" we were finished, lowered the car, turns out we needed to rework the midpipe to work on a lowered car. It turns out that this is common problem with other exhaust systems. NOT OURS!

TurboXS Cold Air Intake

TurboXS releases the Cold Air Intake for the 2008+ Cobalt SS. Designed with maximum horsepower in mind our Cold Air Intake pulls air from the fender low and far away from the engine bay keeping the intake charge cool. Typically good for 10-15 whp on a stock LNF. Coupled with our high flow filter air makes for a great first mod but will be useful beyond the simple bolt on modifications. The polished finish is definite show stopper, especially if matched with our Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit and Front Mount Intercooler Core. Great first mod!

TurboXS Front Mount Intercooler Core

TurboXS releases the Front Mount Intercooler Core for the 2008+ Cobalt SS. Featuring our huge 27in x 8in x 4in core with our proven bar and plate design. We basically have slide the biggest core we could fit without modifying the bumper beam or bumper cover. Ideal for any SS-T running over 20 psi where it is likely the factory intercooler is likely to separate under high boost conditions and cold weather. This can be purchased as a core only option and or full kit including the Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit. Capable of handling over 700whp of airflow and completely bolt on. You can't go wrong!

TurboXS Intercooler Piping Kit

TurboXS releases the Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit. Designed to bolt directly onto your 2008+ Cobalt SS Turbo. Replaces the the factory rubber and plastic hoses that rob your engine of hundreds of rpm of spool up and transient boost response. Made from aluminum to lower the weight, this reduction in weight also reduces the thermal mass which allows the pipes to shed heat fast. 2.5 inch piping throughout and strong silicone couplers clamped by our T-bolt clamps. This kit is a perfect upgrade by itself but it is awesome when packaged with our Front Mount Intercooler Core.

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