Get your hands on some Project Mu Brake Pads

Hello everyone, we have officially added Project Mu Brake Pads to our site now which are available for the Subaru WRX/STI, Mitsubishi EVOs and Hyundai Genesis Coupe. They are available for other vehicles as well that are Japanese oriented mostly or that have Brembos from the factory. To find out if its available for your vehicle, don't hesitate to e-mail us at or call us 732-742-8837

We use it in our vehicle, so we know you will enjoy it as well.

Built on foundations deep in JGTC Racing, Project Mu is offering their world class products to tuners and street enthusiasts alike. Knowledge from years of victories on the track have gone in to every product Project Mu has to offer.

Subaru WRX/STI:

Mitsubishi EVO:

Hyundai Genesis:

Keep up your fueling needs with a Walbro Fuel Pump

Whenever you are trying to improve the performance of your vehicle, its always suggested to go with larger fuel injectors but they can become inadequate if you are unable to supply the amount of fuel you need to those injectors by a lower flowing factory fuel pump.

We have added Walbro's fuel pumps to our site, In-Tank Pumps & In-Line Fuel pumps as well as the install kits and replacement parts in case you ever experience any issues in the future.

Check out all their products here:

Walbro Products:

H & R Springs now on sale at

Thats right, we now have H & R Street and Race Springs Listed on the site now! Not only that but we are offering a sale ending on July 15th for 5% off your total price for all H & R Springs when you use Coupon Code: HR5OFF

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at or call us 732-742-8837

Here are the Models added so far:





SAAB 9-3 (TYP YS3F) -



Kronos now carries H & R Springs!

Thats right, we can now get H & R Springs for multiple platforms, including the J-Body Platform, Delta Platform, Subarus, Mitsubishi EVOs and many more platforms. We will be adding them to the site listing soon but if you want to see if it is available for your platform, feel free to e-mail us or call us 732-742-8837

Pick up your AEM Dryflow Air Filters

We now have listed on Kronos Performance's site the AEM Dryflow Air Filter in multiple sizes!

Product Page:

AEM DryFlow Air Filters: The Best Filtration

AEM has reinvented the Lifetime performance aftermarket air filter. Our DryFlow Synthetic filter is the first performance air filter that does not require filter oil to filter and trap dirt and contaminants, and delivers industry leading filtration and durability that is unmatched by our competitors.

AEMs DryFlow Synthetic filter eliminates the hassle of re-oiling after cleaning and has better filtration and dust trapping capabilities than any other performance aftermarket filter. Our unique non-woven polyester element filters out 98.6% of airborne dust in initial efficiency (99.4% cumulative efficiency), and filters down to ONE MICRON of particulate! For comparison, a human hair is about 100 microns thick. This improved efficiency translates into longer engine life by keeping more ring- and seal-eating dirt out of your engine, with no degradation in engine power compared to oiled air filters. It also means you wont have warranty issues at the dealership because you never have to worry about over-oiling the element and having the filter oil damage your vehicle sensors.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Our media is so durable that it can withstand almost unlimited cleanings without degrading filtration efficiency, and its easy to clean! The DryFlow synthetic media resists water absorption and since you never have to oil it cleaning time goes from about a day to about an hour. Because of the superior fine-dust filtering efficiency of the DryFlow Synthetic filter, it may require slightly more cleaning intervals depending on your driving conditions.

We reinforced the DryFlow filter element with a lightweight mineral-reinforced plastic cage that maintains the elements structural integrity and eliminates the chance of the filter collapsing from flow demands, while also reducing the filters overall weight. Unlike cotton-gauze filters that use metal screened mesh to form the pleats, our DryFlow filter can withstand twisting and bumps, and still look and perform like new!

Plenty of Flow for Gas & Diesel

AEMs DryFlow Synthetic filter flows almost as well when it is dirty as it does when it is clean, and flows over twice as much air than is required for large displacement engines in vehicle applications covered by BRUTE FORCE intakes. Many of our competitors emphasize flow as a primary means of power production in intakes, stated Chief Engineer John Concialdi. While flow is certainly an important part of the equation, we find that tuning the inlet to work with the harmonics of the engine produces the best power gains. We address flow in the sense that the engine requires a given amount of flow, so we calculate our filter size to exceed this flow requirement to accommodate potential future engine modifications. This allows us to retain a high level of filtration efficiency and still exceed the flow requirements of an engine. Our filters will trap more dirt, and consequently extend the life of the rings and seals in your engine.

* Element is cleanable and is guaranteed for the life of your vehicle
* DryFlow air filter will NOT void your vehicles warranty
* Delivers 99.4% cumulative filtration efficiency, based on independent SAE J276 JUN93 Fine Dust Air Cleaner Test Code procedures
* AEMs unique non-woven filter media never needs oil, meaning less down time between cleanings and no more chance of over-oiling, which can cause warranty issues
* Filter element is virtually impossible to collapse and is more durable than cotton gauze
* A neutral gray filter color complements our mirror-polished and silver powdercoat finishes, and hides the dirt that it keeps out of your engine

Mike Barr's Turbo Cavalier featured on Site!

Check out Kronos's sponsored vehicle, Turbocharged Chevrolet Cavalier owned by Mike Barr being featured on the main pages rotating banner. The image shows his beautiful car in action during a Auto-X session.

We also have your maintenance needs as well!

Not only does Kronos Performance have all your performance parts that you need and want but we have great quality fluids from Redline Synthetic Oils and Nippon Oil's ENOS as well.

We now carry their Motor Oils but also their Transmission Fluids as well.

We personally use the ENOS Transmission Fluid and it is extremely easy to get into gear and drives very smooth. Highly recommend this to our customers as well.

Motor Oils Product Page:

Transmission Fluids / Gear Lubes:

We also carry NGK Spark Plugs as well. If you do not see the spark plugs you need listed, please E-Mail us or call us 732-742-8837

You can now give us a call

We just got a new line so you can now give us a call with all your questions about our products or even advice on what you should aim towards with your particular vehicle.

Kronos Performance - 732-742-8837

Get your OEM parts from Subaru, Nissan and Mitsubishi!

Here at Kronos Performance we can get you your OEM parts for a great price and often times beating the prices of your local dealerships. We're slowly adding parts that are commonly needed but if there is anything that you are looking for, please feel free to E-Mail us

Section Page:

Nice deals on Turbo Timers

Get your Turbo Timers now at Kronos Performance! We have listed our Greddy Turbo Timer and HKS Turbo Timers as well for a great price.

Product Page:

We will be offering more products from new manufacturers!

Starting next week, we will be able to sell everyone great prices on even more products from more manufacturers! These manufacturers include (and not limited to...)

Comp Cams
DC Sports
EBC Brakes
JE Pistons
Innovate Motorsports
Nitrous Express
MSD Ignition
Unorthodox Racing
Vibrant Performance
SSR Wheels

and many more!

It will be a while before I can list everything on the site from these manufacturers but if you have a product you want from any of these companies, please feel free to email us and we'll be sure to give you more info.

EVO Owners, get all the GSC products you need for your Valvetrain!

We have recently added a long lineup of GSC Valvetrain products for the Mitsubishi EVO...from valve springs, camshafts and full on cylinder head work. Check out all the prices here:

Get yourself some Kronos Performance decals!

Thats right, we now have them available...get your hands on them and help support the site!

Product Page:

Specials on Forced Performance 68HTA and Go Fast Bits EVO Pulley!


A great deal on a turbocharger that is a perfect fit for most WRX Street Setups and the price cut down to $900!

Product Page:

Want to help your Mitsubishi EVO's accleration without spending a ton of money? Check out Go Fast Bit's Underdriven Crank Pulley setup with its priced slashed down to $213 for the Crank Pulley and Belt!

Product Page:

Contact Us works now

If you have tried to use the contact us page and you didn't get a response, it is my fault. I had something misconfigured. I apologize. You can also reach me via email


Seibon products starting to become available!

Thats right, we are now offering Seibon cabon fiber products as well. We have started to list their Hoods and will shortly be listing their Trunks as well. So far, most of their Subaru Impreza/WRX/STi hoods are listed on the site and more will come for the Mitsubishi Evolutions as well. Keep an eye out for the changes.

Special Brake Package for Cobalt SS Owners

We now have a new special package for you Cobalt SS owners out there who just want a nice simple brake change, getting some good street slotted and drilled rotors and also great brake pads that can keep up with whatever you throw at it!


We will be adding more packages in the near future!

Great deal on AEM UEGO Wideband Kit

Retail Price: $277.50
Our Price: 199.80
$77.70 savings for you!

Product Page:

AEM 6-in-1 UEGO Wideband O2 Gauge

AEM Digital Wideband UEGO Gauge: A wideband UEGO sensor controller accurately monitors Air/Fuel ratios (AFR) during the tuning process to prevent a lean fuel mixture, which could lead to engine damage. AEM has combined its single-channel wideband UEGO controller and gauge display into one unit, uniting unsurpassed AFR accuracy and control with an easy-to-read interface. AEMs Gauge-Type Wideband UEGO Controller features a digital LED display and sweeping LED needle that changes colors as AFR changes from rich to lean. The units 52mm (2-1/16) gauge housing fits in most gauge pods and can be remotely mounted virtually anywhere.

* Ideal AFR monitoring tool for EFI and carbureted applications, and engine dynamometers
* Does not oscillate AFR reading like narrow band sensors
* No laptop required for monitoring!
* Bosch sensor included
* Accurate to 0.1 AFR
* Reads in AFR or Lambda via a switch in back of gauge housing
* 24 Color-coded LED display lights provide immediate reference to engines air/fuel ratio (AFR) or Lambda ratio
* Integrated three-digit display reveals AFR or Lambda in real time
* User-programmable 0-5v analog output included for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system
* Serial data stream included for output of AFR (RS 232)

Are you tired of pillar pods? Check out our Steering Column Pods!

Do you want something that has your gauges in a more viewable location and less noticeable from anyone outside of your vehicle like myself? Well then the ATi steering column pods is a great alternative. It completely replaces your factory steering column and fits perfectly snug.





Looking for gauges with it? No problem, we got you covered with Defi, Autometer & AEM. If you don't see the one you want on the site, just contact us and we will get it for you.

3-Week Deal 5% off all EVO Mishimoto Intercoolers and Injen Pipe Kits

We are offering a great deal for 5% off all EVO Injen Pipe Kits and Mishimoto Intercoolers for 3-Weeks (Ends 6/29/2011)

How does this work? During the checkout process, enter the coupon code [b]EVO25[/b] and you will get a 5% discount on your total!



Any questions, please e-mail

Category changes on Kronos Performance's website

Today we did some changes to the categories on the website so its easier to navigate for your vehicle instead of going through each manufacturer (probably should have done it in the first place lol).

With that stated, the link that was given for clutch masters 5% discount is now this:

Let us know what you think.

3-Week Deal 5% Off ALL Clutchmasters Clutch Setups!

I am doing a discount pricing deal for the next 3 weeks (ending June 28th) for a Discount Pricing coupon to give anyone 5% off when buying any Clutchmasters clutch from us!

Simply use the coupon code ClutchMstr during the checkout process to get the 5% discount!

Clutchmasters page listing:

If you have any trouble finding your clutch, please use the search function on the top right. If for some reason your application is not there, please e-mail us or hit the contact us button on the top bar on the site.

Kronos Performance is now open!

Hi everyone! is officially open for taking orders! Some of you may have known "That Oil Guy" or gone to is no more and we've migrated more into Performance products. If you are looking for maintenance products, we now also sell Redline motor oil and other fluids. If you want any Amsoil related, please send me a e-mail

Stay tuned, we are going to be offering plenty of discounts and offers to kick start the site.

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