Check Out Kronos's Accessport Performance Packages!

We have designed a great money saving package for the Subaru Enthusiast that wants to gain a good amount of power out of their vehicle without breaking the bank and shopping everywhere for the best price. With this package this will not only save you lots of money off of retail pricing but it will keep you within the limits of your tunes with the COBB Accessport Off The Shelf Tunes.

This package was designed for flexibility, savings and ease of placing an order as your one stop shop for easy & efficient power gain.

2002-2007 WRX/STI Performance Packages

2008+ WRX/STI Performance Packages

1 MONTH Deal / Free Shipping on Hella Supertone Horns at a Great Price!

Get your hands on a set of Hella Supertone Horns at a great price + FREE SHIPPING!

Product Page:

Price: $62 + Free Shipping!

Hella Supertone Horn Kit 12V 300/500HZ (003399803 = 003399801)


Hella Twin Supertone Horns (Kit) 003399801 Voltage Compatibility 12 Sound Level (dB) 118 dB Power Consumption (Watts) 72 watts Frequency Low Tone (Hz) 300 Hz Frequency High Tone (Hz) 500 Hz Horn Diameter (in) 4.844 in. Horn Depth (in) 3.344 in. Quantity Sold as a kit. These Hella Twin Supertone horns feature a compact design that produces outstanding sound. They include the necessary mounting brackets, and instructions. The horns feature a black main body with a red protective grille.

Get your hands on some great Motor Oil, ENEOS Synthetic Fluids!

Here at Kronos Performance, we are huge into maintenance and using quality fluids for your daily driver or high performance vehicle.

We highly encourage the use of Nippon ENEOS Synthetic Motor Oil and Transmission Fluids! We have used both in our vehicle and love it. Transmission shifts smoothly and motor oil results into a smooth idle and acceleration while not burning off nearly as quickly as other Synthetic fluids.

Their motor oil blends range from 0w20 to 5w40 & their transmission fluids include Gear Lube and Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Motor Oil Product Page:

Transmission Fluid/Gear Lube Product Page:

The new ILSAC GF-5 specification is an improvement in engine oil performance compared to the current GF-4 specification. The new ENEOS GF-5 oil provides better fuel economy, increased emission system durability, enhanced piston cleanliness, reduced engine sludge, and improved turbocharger protection.

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