Greddy Type FV Blow Off Valve

Greddy Performance Products has released a new generation of “Push Type Blow Off Valves,” the GReddy BOV FV. The “FV” stand for Floating Valve, and it is this breakthrough in design that produces quicker valve response, increased valve travel, and improved resistance to premature valve lift and boost leak.
The unique floating valve design incorporates a revised adjustable dual spring system and diaphragm ventilation, while maintaining the advantages of the previous model’s push valve structure and heat resistant silicone diaphragm and valve ratio. This allows the springs and diaphragm to better control the valve and boost.
By relocating one spring under and keeping one over the diaphragm, it makes the need for spring pre- load less dependent on idle and light boost situations and more on keeping the valve closed under boost. The result is our best performing GReddy Blow-off Valve yet! Another improvement includes an adjustable, sliding top hat, to adjust the hose fitting location, without complete dis-assembly. The FV also keeps its overall mounting and outlet dimensions, which means it is compatible with the industry standard two-bolt GReddy BOV flange and can easily replace existing Type RS & RZ applications, as well as use the same optional RS and RZ outlet adapters
Part Number: 11501665

10% OFF on All TurboXS Parts for the Month of May!

For the Month of May, all TurboXS Products will be marked down an additional 10% to help you save some cash on your next purchase! For example, on your next Front Mount Intercooler setup, you could save upwards of $116 on your next purchase. TurboXS also has their Stealthback setups that could save you a chunk of money on your next purchase. Don't see an item that TurboXS sells on our site? No problem, contact us and we'll make sure its added and applied.

Product Page - TurboXS Products

10% Off Borla Exhaust Products till the end of April!

We are offering great deals with 10% Off on all Borla Products till the end of April! Take advantage of a great sounding exhaust system while saving some cash! If you don't see a Borla Product that you want on this list, simply Contact Us and we'll have it added to the site. Product Page: Borla Exhaust Products

Save $45 on your next Accessport Purchase during April!

Everyone loves COBB's Accessport...its true, so we thought we would help you save some cash with a $45 OFF Coupon for your next Accessport Purchase.

Simply use Coupon Code "45COBBSPECIAL" during the checkout process

This coupon will end on May 1st.

Product Page: COBB Accessport

Kronos now has a new search feature

Our our website we now have a search feature towards the top of the site where you can search by car type to make things a little bit easier for you navigation wise.

It is new MOST items should be showing up under the search function. You can still look the old way as well on the left side of the site.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Let us know what you think!

Kronos now carries ACT Clutches and having 5% OFF Sale for April!

That's right, we are now listing and selling ACT Clutches for great prices and for the rest of April they are 5% OFF to kick everything off! We currently have listed on our site for the Subaru WRX/STI's, Evolutions and Genesis.

Don't see the model you want on our site? No problem, contact us and we will add it and the sale will still count!

No coupon needed, prices already applied on our site!

Here is the product page for all ACT Clutches listed: ACT Clutch Listings


Whenever you've modified your engine for increased torque you need a pressure plate that can handle it. All of ACT's pressure plates have higher clamping loads than your factory clutch which increases their torque capacity. ACT's pressure plates feature heat treated diaphragms using an exclusive 3 step process. They also feature reduced wear in the throwout bearing contact area. Each pressure plate is designed for an optimum working life in combination with clamping load, and release travel. And they are rigorously tested to make sure they have the consistent specifications every time.

WEEK SALE! All items over $200 are 7% OFF!

Thats right, all items we sell that cost over $200 are 7% OFF starting 4/8/2012 to 4/15/2012!

No coupon needed, you will see the price changes on the site itself

Any questions, feel free to contact us by hitting the "Contact Us" button on our site

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