Great deal on Davies Craig Water Pumps on Ebay!

Kronos Performance is now starting to offering ridiculous deals on ebay for short periods of time for great prices!

We are now listing the Davies Craig Electric Water Pump w/Controllers on ebay for [b]$385![/b] Normal Retail price is $429.26 for this great kit! Ebay Listing

You can use the Electric water pump to delete your mechanical driven water pump which can result in less drag on the pulley system, resulting into quicker revs and smoother acceleration.

Other benefits include:

- Faster Warm Up
- More reliable coolant flow
- Less Heat Soak
- Less Weight than Mechanical Water Pump
- Deleting of thermostat and use of external digital controller

Increased Efficiency
The traditional mechanical water pump runs off of the rotation of the crankshaft. It is a simple way of pumping cool water through the engine, but mechanical water pump designs are a compromise in efficiency. Electronically controlled, the EWP pumps water much more efficiently due to not being restrained to too low or too high crank speeds. Reducing parasitic loss by removing the mechanical fuel pump will free up horsepower, increase fuel economoy, and improve engine response.

The most common install location is directly on the bottom radiator hose, however you can get as creative as you want. Due to the slight expansion of the pump from heat, hard mounting is not recommended. The stock water pump can be disabled (remove impellor) to allow for reuse of the stock belt.

1. Used in conjunction with Digital EWP Controller
The digital controller allows you to set a target temperature, think of it as a programmable thermostat. The controller will also run the water pump after you shut your car off to prevent heat soak.

2. Use in conjunction with Thermal Switch
Combine the EWP with an adjustable Thermal Switch to add a cooling boost to an overheating mechanical pump cooling system.

3. Continuous Running
Wire the pump to the ignition for maximum cooling - suitable for race vehicles, very hot climates and chronically overheating engines.

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