Keep your engine cooler and wrap up your Turbo

We now have listed on our site a great price for ThermoTec's Insulator and their Kits as well. They're universal and you cut it to fit whatever Turbocharger you're using.

We will be adding more ThermoTec products soon as well.

Product Page:

Thermo Tec Turbo Insulator

The Turbo Kit was designed to protect, improve performance, and eliminate turbo lag of a turbo charger. The key to turbo performance is to keep a flow of high temperature exhaust gases moving through the exhaust side impeller.

This complete kit, to contain the heat produced by a turbo, fits a wide variety of turbines. The custom cut-to-fit kit comes with an excessive amount of material to cover turbos from the smallest automotive application to heavy-duty truck applications.

Two Turbo Kits are available - a four cylinder kit, and a six and eight cylinder kit. Each kit contains a roll of Exhaust Insulating Wrap 1 or 2 inch, 1 yard of Aluminized Heat Barrier, and a 3' X 6" piece of Exhaust Insulating Wrap. Hardware and instructions are included. Also available with the turbo insulation cover only containing a 3' X 6" piece of exhaust wrap and a 20" X 24" piece of Aluminized Heat Barrier.

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